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Set reminders with music on your desktop.Unlimited reminders can be set.Each
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7 July 2008

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Modern business routines often engross us so much, that we often tend to forget important dates and events of our lives. You might miss an important meeting, your daughter’s birthday, anniversary, forgot to pay the bill or any such task or event that can have serious impact on your life. In order to escape from all these serious consequences, you can try Sofonesia Reminder 1.0. The software works as a reminder that helps you in remembering key dates and events. It allows you to set the reminder to be played with your favorite music. You can set the daily or regular reminders or reminders for any specific day as required. With easy to set configurations the program could prove to be a good solution for the purpose.

The interface of Sofonesia Reminder 1.0 has been well designed and has a features that are a breeze to use. To start adding the reminders click on ‘+’ button and the action would be followed by a step by step wizard. With the 1st step you can set the reminder on Day, Daily and Regular basis. 2nd step require you to select the day, time and then enter the text, what the reminder has been set for. Make the selection of the sound file that you want to be played with the reminder. Save the reminder and it gets added to the list that is shown at the middle of the screen with its details. With the Settings feature you can configure the time for snooze interval and enable the feature to load the program at startup. Add, delete and edit the reminders easily as desired.

Once recorded as an event, Sofonesia Reminder 1.0 would never let you forget any event or task. It proves to be rather efficient, as it displays the pop-up at the set time along with the message relating to the reminder. For it easy configurations and it optimum performance, it has been rated with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Set reminders with music on your desktop.Unlimited reminders can be set.Each one of the reminders can have their own music or supports MP3 as welll as wave files.It supports snooze functionality as present in the recent reminders.The snooze interval can be customized from settings.It supports three types of reminders a)Day b)Daily c)Regular.If the reminder type is Da" ,the reminder will popup on certain days of a week.If the reminder type is Daily then the reminder will popup daily at the specified time.Regular reminder will display reminder on a fixed date at the specified time.In the main window ,all reminders appear in the list.The options for deleting and editing are supported as well.The reminder can be useful in reminding of birthdays,appointments or any other work like reminding of bill payment date.
Sofonesia Reminder
Sofonesia Reminder
Version 1.0
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Did not work so well. Also no way to use 24 hour clock.
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